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Earnings Calendar: Place Your Bets

Earnings Calendar: This Week Sets the Tone The market's focus right now is on earnings, which have been all over the board so far. While the market is clearly overvalued, there are still many opportunities. Tomorrow we will receive earnings from common names such as McDonalds, Southwest, and Starbucks. Economic Indicators Tomorrow we also have jobless claims, the FHFA Housing Market index, and existing home sales. These indicators should be moving the rest of the market. How I am playing earnings season: pure speculation I am playing the market by buying long call options on multiple companies I think have [...]


Should You Get No Annual Fee Credit Cards?

The short answer is, sometimes. All rewards cards are different. Some offer cash back or points (Chase Ultimate Rewards), some offer miles (Capital One Venture), and some even offer free nights at hotels. Often no annual fee credit cards offer fewer rewards  and are offered to lower credit score brackets. In order to determine if an annual fee is worth it, you need to know the cash equivalent value of these rewards. Often with points and miles programs, the cash value is usually $1 for every 100 points or miles. It can get a lot more complicated with true airline [...]


Stock Market Today: A Stock Picker’s Market

Stock Picker's Market The Federal Reserve tapering asset purchases makes the chance of the tide lifting all boats this year unlikely. The markets are now more focused on earnings growth and fundamentals, which makes this a stock picker's market. No longer can you just pick a stock and it will go up. You will really have to sit down and do your homework this year if you want to get ahead. Due diligence matters more than ever, especially as results are running light and there is a high level of negative forward guidance. Stock Market Today: Earnings Today big earnings came [...]


Earnings Calendar: Big Earnings Week Ahead

Earnings Calendar Earnings this week will likely set the tone for all of earnings season. Large companies such as Johnson & Johnson and IBM announce tomorrow, while eBay, Microsoft, McDonald's, Starbucks, and PG report later in the week. All eyes will be on revenue, which has slowed over the past two quarters. If revenues look like they will continue to slow, there could be large downside potential. Revenue is important because a lot of the growth in stock prices over the past year has come from stock buy-backs, directly or indirectly, promoted by easy monetary policy by the Federal Reserve, [...]


January Effect: Is It Happening This Year?

What is the January Effect? The market drops in December because investors seek capital losses for tax purposes. Then, in January, investors buy back into the market, boosting it higher.  The January effect is said to impact small cap stocks more than mid or large cap stocks. Is the January Effect real? Many say, "as goes January, so goes the rest of the year". A study done by Ben Marshall, an economist at Massey University in New Zealand, estimates that between 1940 and 2008 the US stock market returned 14.4% in the 11 months after a rise in the market in January, [...]


How to Save Money: Part 3

1. Quit Smoking Your health is the most important thing in the world (besides your family's health). So do something about it. Quit smoking. Better yet, exercise too! The healthier you are the more productive you will be (perhaps you will get a raise), the better people will treat you in many cases, and you will likely be happier. You will live longer and reduce the need for expensive doctor trips in the future. Plus, cigarettes are expensive - use your money on nicotine replacement therapy instead if you can. 2. Live at Home or Get a Roommate Splitting your [...]


Used Baby and Kids Clothes & Gear: Buy, Sell, Swap Online

Babies and kids grow out of their clothes in months, even weeks; sometimes outfits are never even worn. Ditto re kids’ gear such as strollers or car seats: you’re done with them well before their useful life has passed. Buying –and selling – kids’ stuff that is just used makes financial sense. The opportunities to snag great deals on used kids’ items are no longer limited to yard sales or brick-and-mortar consignment shops. Now you can buy, sell, or swap them online, from sites that specifically cater to parents and kids. Buy, Sell, and Swap Used Baby and Kids’ Clothing [...]


How to Save Money: Part Two

Here are some more ways to save money: 1. Stream Movies: Buy Netflix and Ditch Cable Netflix only costs $7.99 while your monthly cable bill can reach over $120 a month. This means, if you buy a projector ($65.59) and invest in a Netflix account, you could save nearly $1,280 a year. Of course, this means you would need some blank wall space and speakers. But if you already have a laptop, iPad, or smart TV, then you are all set. Netflix has a great selection and will keep you occupied for a long time - just start Breaking Bad or House [...]


Best Stock Pick for 2014

My Favorite Stock Pick for 2014 Cliffs Natural Resources (ticker: CLF) is my favorite stock pick for 2014. In 2012, Cliffs was trading at over $70 a share, and now stands at $22, hitting its low of $15 in July 2013. The stock price is still extremely depressed - in fact, the stock price today is lower than its book value ($25-32 depending on your assumptions). In my opinion, paying less than intrinsic value, reduces risk. To get an idea of how undervalued Cliffs is, S&P currently has a fair value calculation of Cliffs of $28.20. S&P also indicates that [...]


How to Save Money

There's no question, it is hard to save money. Most of us have monthly debt payments on credit cards or loans, mortgage payments or rent, food costs, etc... the list goes on and on. So, how can you save money? Here are some saving money tips: 1. Pay Down Debt First to Avoid Interest Payments If you pay down your debt, you will eliminate future interest payments. Make sure to pay down your highest interest rate debt first. Once you've paid down your debt, you can start investing, and make your money work for you. 2. Minimize Transportation Costs Transportation [...]


“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffet