What would a personal finance blog be without a section on how to save money! What better way to Make Money Fast than to widen your savings and spending gap.

Save Your Money: College Courses for Free

Have you been thinking of taking a course on something interesting -- maybe Finance, Nutrition, even Art – but cost and scheduling problems put you off?  Then think Coursera. With Coursera, you can take online courses from top universities, on your own schedule, for free.  This educational company partners with scores of major universities across the [...]

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How to Save Money with Online Purchases Part 1: Discount Codes

Everyone knows about grocery store coupons that get you a few cents off select items.  But did you know that even bigger discounts may be available for purchases online? All you need is the coupon code. Sites such as retailmenot.com,  dealcatcher .com, and fatwallet.com  compile lists of codes that can be used during checkout  for many online [...]

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How to Save Money on Your Amazon Purchases: Part 1

Track Prices and Set Price Alerts with CamelCamelCamel.com Have you ever wanted to know whether you were receiving a historically lower price for any Amazon product? Well, there's a (web)app for that! CamelCamelCamel.com allows you to check the prices of most products on Amazon.com by simply entering the  Amazon url of the product on to the CamelCamelCamel website. [...]

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Paying the Toll Will Save You Money

We've all been there. You're driving along and suddenly the road sign says "Last Exit Before Toll" and you turn your wheel sharply to get in the right exit lane. Truth is, you're probably wasting more money exiting than you would've spent on the toll. Additional Mileage Wastes Gas and Money More often than not, [...]

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Frugal Tip: Buy Machine-Washable Dress Clothes

Unless your job requires you to wear a suit everyday, it makes sense to stay away from dry-clean only dress clothes. Why? To be frank, you're spending over $1000 a year ($4 a day for shirt and pants * 5 days a week * 52 weeks in a year) on washing and getting wrinkles out [...]

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