What would a personal finance blog be without a section on how to save money! What better way to Make Money Fast than to widen your savings and spending gap.

From Amazon to Angie’s List: Read User Reviews Before Buying

I always read customer reviews before buying a product or contracting for a service –and I've avoided some bad deals by doing it.  It’s not enough to rely just on the numerical rating (3.9/5 stars), because that doesn't tell me the “why” of the rating, and whether pros or cons are relevant to my situation. [...]

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Should you pay off debt before saving for retirement?

It Depends on Your Interest Rates Simple math suggests that it is sometimes better to repay your debt before saving money for retirement or any other emergency fund. If the rate that you receive on your retirement savings is 1% and your credit card debt carries a 14% interest rate, you should certainly use your [...]

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Beware of Big Box Appliance Installations (The Real Cost of “Cheap” Installs)

You can get great deals on appliances from Big Box retailers (Home Depot, h.h. Gregg, Sears, etc.), especially during sales. But if you also buy their inexpensive installation services, you could be buying trouble.  Big boxers often don't use in-house installers, but low-budget installation companies with workers who are unskilled or inexperienced (hence the ability to get [...]

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Five Tips to Increase Mileage and Lower Gas Costs

Gas prices by edenpictures, Flickr Creative Commons If you've considered alternatives (click here for our story on car sharing), but decide you really need a car, you pay for that choice every time you gas it up.  But there are some easy ways to ease the burden by improving your gas mileage and [...]

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Bike Share Programs: Better Than Owning a Bike?

Bike share, jckrakow, Flickr Creative Commons Wouldn't it be great to ride a bike this weekend? To take a leisurely ride along the river, or check out the local farmer’s market without the hassle of searching for a parking space?  But buying a bike could set you back a few hundred dollars, and [...]

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Buy Discounted Gift Cards…and Use for Yourself

Fast Cash Fridays is a weekly series aimed at providing you tips on how to make money fast (not necessarily easily). Please tune in every Friday for your newest making money fast tip. Gift Card Organizer by Christina W., youthfulhomemaker, Flickr Creative Commons Two things to know about gift cards: First, you can [...]

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Make Money by Selling Your Unwanted Gift Cards with Cardpool

So, Nana gave you a $25 gift card to Burger King and you haven’t eaten there since high school.  Is it a total loss?  A re-gift? Send Your Gift Cards to Cardpool.com to Get Cash Back Source: flickr creative commons, by bfishadow Cardpool.com, which is owned by a  subsidiary of Safeway,Inc.,  buys unwanted [...]

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Save Your Money And Don’t Pay Shipping Costs

We all love shopping online, but hate the shipping costs.  Here are five ways to get around them: 1. Ship to the store for free Some online retailers with brick and mortar stores - such as Lowe’s or Sears--let you have your item shipped to one of its stores for free.  You then retrieve the [...]

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Clothing Swaps Refresh Your Wardrobe for Free

Your closet is loaded with perfectly good clothes that you haven’t worn for months - maybe they don’t fit, aren't aligned with your new look, or just don’t make you smile anymore.  But your tight budget doesn't include a trip to the mall.  What to do? Check out a clothing swap. The idea is a [...]

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