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Maximizing Your Employee Benefits

As the year comes to a close, it's time to start thinking about selecting your work benefits for next year. Choosing the right benefits for you and your family is sometimes a tough decision as you do not know what your financial situation will look like throughout the next year. With the following overview, I [...]

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How I Negotiated a Great Price for A Used Bike

About two months ago, I decided to pick up a new hobby: biking. Through a friend, I learned about the Bike MS ride from Richmond, VA to Williamsburg, VA that occurs in June every year (150 miles round trip). I decided to sign up for next year's ride despite not having a bike. And thus [...]

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August Web Site Stats

Month over month from July to August, total unique visitors increase 7.25%, new users increased 47.9%, and page views increase 4.2%. Here are the hard numbers: July Total Unique Visitors: 7,916 -- New Users: 5,302 -- Page Views: 39,558 August Total Unique Visitors: 8,489 -- New Users: 7,840 -- Page Views -- 41,203

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Stretch Your Budget with Bed Bath & Beyond Expired and Multiple Coupons

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond, by Fan of Retail, Flickr Creative Commons All those bedroom, bath and kitchenware items that are essential to setting up an apartment  or dorm room can add up to big bucks. But if you're shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBB), there's a way to avoid paying full [...]

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Extend Your Product Warranty for Free: Buy with a Credit Card

Most major credit cards come with perks that many of us don’t even know about.  One common extra is a free extended warranty period. That  means if you buy a flat screen TV with a warranty-benefit credit card, and the TV dies a month after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, you could still have  warranty coverage. [...]

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Free (almost) Books, DVDs, CDs with Internet Swaps

Photo: Book Collection, Ian Wilson, Flickr Creative Commons It’s time to cull through your bookshelves to make room for those new books, CDs, or DVDs that you've been wanting to add to your library.  But instead of whipping out your credit card, just click on your computer, because there’s an innovative new way [...]

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Monthly Visitor Stats – July

Our site launched in June and during that month we received over 4,500 unique visitors with nearly 30,000 page views. Our site made $50.32 from Google Ad Sense ads and in July we earned a very similar amount, even though we had more visitors. In July, we split up Making Money Fast and Slow and [...]

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Sell Used Stuff with Little Effort: Use a Consignment Shop

Dollar Signs by Emily Conwell, Flickr Creative Commons When you have an gently used prom dress in your closet, or extra sets of glassware  in attic boxes, you have options beyond donating them to a local charity. You could go through the hassles of advertising,  sifting through possible buyers, and arranging delivery with personal meetings or [...]

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Paying a Premium for Gender

Sex sells. We have all heard this statement. Whether from marketing class or Don Draper on Madmen, this statement is validated everywhere around us. The general principles are as follows: 1. Females are targeted to be more feminine. 2. Men are targeted to be more masculine.   With enough repetition and emotional attachment, these principles [...]

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