Clothing Swaps Refresh Your Wardrobe for Free

Your closet is loaded with perfectly good clothes that you haven’t worn for months - maybe they don’t fit, aren't aligned with your new look, or just don’t make you smile anymore.  But your tight budget doesn't include a trip to the mall.  What to do? Check out a clothing swap. The idea is a [...]

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Saving Money in College

Saving money in college is important. Trent at The Simple Dollar mentions some ways in which you can save money while in college: Contact your roommate now to divvy up shareable items such as a microwave or mini-fridge Look for interesting campus organizations Look for free entertainment sponsored by the college Don't sign up for [...]

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Community Theater: Best Bang for Your Buck

Paris Community Theatre's Rendition of "The Fantasticks", Amy Claxton. Source: Flickr Creative Commons Love live theater?  The energy fed by interaction between the cast and audience, the first strains of a live orchestra?  But tickets cost a small fortune.  The average price of a Broadway show is now $101,  and good seats are [...]

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Get Your Movie Tickets at a Discount (Never Pay Full Price Again)

Photo: Project 365 Day 299, Kenneth Lu. Source: Flickr Creative Commons With first-run movie tickets running $11-12 or more, it’s well worth planning ahead to buy discount tickets, or sign up for programs that offer free tickets. Most big movie theater chains offer them; here are some ways to get them: Wholesale Clubs [...]

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Save Money By Negotiating Your Cable/Internet Bill

Source: Don’t pay “retail” for your cable/Internet service.  If you live in an area with more than one internet provider, you can use that competition to negotiate a lower price. Beyond their standard bundling deals, cable and Internet providers do negotiate. Before you sign with Verizon, Comcast, Cox or another provider, do [...]

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How to Save Money – Reading Your Statements

Dedicating the time to open and read your statements can save you thousands of dollars. You are sent statements and bills that show the services rendered with a due date you must meet. Many times you probably just send in a check or pay the amount online without looking at what you are being charged [...]

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Making Money on Used Books (Textbooks Included!)

Photo by Brenda Star So, you didn't find time to trek to your university bookstore and resell those college textbooks you barely opened and now they’re sitting in boxes beneath your bed. Or, you've accumulated enough biographies and cookbooks to make your one bookshelf  literally overflow. No worries: you can sell those used books [...]

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Save Your Money: Buying Online with Electronic Rebates

Making purchases from specific retailers by starting with a rebate portal such as Ebates or  Mr. Rebates could translate to easy money. Here’s how it works: Say you want to buy tools at Sears. Instead of going directly to the Sears website, you go to Ebates and click on its link for Sears, which takes you to the [...]

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Save Your Money: College Courses for Free

Have you been thinking of taking a course on something interesting -- maybe Finance, Nutrition, even Art – but cost and scheduling problems put you off?  Then think Coursera. With Coursera, you can take online courses from top universities, on your own schedule, for free.  This educational company partners with scores of major universities across the [...]

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