Pefin Review: Your Personal AI Financial Planner

As I am starting business school in the fall, I have been wondering for months whether my financial situation is in a solid position for taking on a bunch of debt. My gut response is "yes," but I wanted to back that up with real data...a mathematical/graphical overview of my financial situation.  A few months [...]

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Best Gas Rewards Card: PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards – 5% Cash Back

I've had this credit card for well over a year now and it is by far the best rewards card for gas that I have in my wallet.  This card earns a whopping 5% cash back that is automatically applied to your account as statement credit; no need to buy gift cards or anything. In [...]

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Should You Get No Annual Fee Credit Cards?

The short answer is, sometimes. All rewards cards are different. Some offer cash back or points (Chase Ultimate Rewards), some offer miles (Capital One Venture), and some even offer free nights at hotels. Often no annual fee credit cards offer fewer rewards  and are offered to lower credit score brackets. In order to determine if [...]

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Credit Karma Review: Take Control of Your Credit Score

Feel your financial situation is getting out of control? Credit Karma claims it can help you reign it in. The personal financial management company, founded in 2008, now has more than 15 million users. I recently became one of them. When I joined Credit Karma, I had a modest understanding of things financial. I knew what [...]

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Coin Review – Why I Won’t Be Buying a Coin Anytime Soon

Recently, Coin hit the pre-order market as a revolutionary new way to handle multiple credit cards. It's essentially an electronic credit card that can hold multiple credit card accounts on one card. Bloggers have been raving about this new device so that they can eat up the $5 referrals the affiliate link brings if they [...]

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Best Personal Finance Tool –

Best Personal Finance Tool – Making money is one issue. But managing your money prudently after earning it is key in reaching your financial goals. Budgeting can be hard and frustrating. Attempting to stick to your budget and map out your financial goals is a difficult task. But can help! is a free and [...]

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4 Ways to Build Your Credit Score After College

Open a credit card What's the best way to show creditors that they should lend you money? Prove to them that other lendors have also given you money. If you've never had a credit card before, you may need to co-sign with your parents, but using a credit card is the best way to build [...]

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The Dangers of Not Paying Your Credit Card Bill On Time

Benjamin Feldman over at Lifehacker recently wrote a revealing post about the dangers of not paying your credit card bill on time. There are many reasons why paying your bill late is a problem, but the article highlights three main consequences after the first missed payment: You are charged a late fee You get a bad [...]

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Extend Your Product Warranty for Free: Buy with a Credit Card

Most major credit cards come with perks that many of us don’t even know about.  One common extra is a free extended warranty period. That  means if you buy a flat screen TV with a warranty-benefit credit card, and the TV dies a month after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, you could still have  warranty coverage. [...]

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