A Young Professional’s Guide to Financial Planning

As a young professional myself, I know firsthand the struggles many young professionals have when dealing with their finances. When we graduate college and start making “real money” for the first time in our lives it’s hard for us to listen to our parents and colleagues saying “save, save, save.” We have student loans, rent, [...]

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Shorting Twitter IPO: We Were Right

A days after Twitter launched their IPO, I wrote a post supporting why you should short Twitter. Turns out, we were right. Twitter (TWTR) Has Declined 13% Since IPO As with most IPOs, Twitter had an initial boost, but has since dropped. Just today, Twitter dropped nearly 5%. It is following the trend of Facebook [...]

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My Pledge to Become a Millionaire

With a blog title like Making Money Fast and Slow, it's no wonder why we'd want to be millionaires. I've read many books about how to become a millionaire, but my favorites are: The Millionaire Next Door and I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Recently, I came across the Budgets Are Sexy's Million Dollar Club. [...]

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Short Twitter (TWTR) Stock Now…It’s Downhill from Here

As with most, if not all, IPOs, the initial wave of speculators and investors buying into the hype the issuers pent up has inflated the stock price of Twitter, now sitting at 41.65. The stock was issued at $26 per share on Thursday, but instantly shot up to $46. While some believe we are in [...]

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Passive Investing: Asset Allocation 101

What is Passive Investing? In the investing world, there are two main types of investing: active and passive. Active vs. Passive Investing Active investing involves making constant updates to your portfolio, trading stocks very frequently. There are many perils that investors of this nature face. Besides the daily fluctuations of the stock market, active traders [...]

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Are You Financially Literate?

A recent survey, developed in consultation with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, seeks to measure the understanding of general financial concepts by the general population. The survey consists of 5 questions related to interest rates, mortgages, and stocks/diversification. Although fairly simple topics, the survey provides a lot of insight into just how financially illiterate [...]

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4 Ways to Make You Feel More Comfortable Investing

If you’ve never invested your money before, you may be a bit shy to jump into the world of investments. You’ve probably heard all of the horror stories of people sinking tons of money into an investment, only to lose it all. It’s enough to make you sick to your stomach, but it’s good to [...]

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Top 6 Brokerages for the Individual Investor

With so many brokerages out there, both physical and online, it is difficult these days to determine the best brokerage to use when you start investing. We decided to make it easier by giving you a rundown of our top 6 brokerages. As we have mentioned before, we highly recommend Scottrade for beginners because:   it has [...]

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Avoid Gold As An Investment – Why Is Gold Plunging?

The price of gold per ounce has dropped over 30%, from $1,900 to $1,235, since October 2012 . But, why is the world's most popular precious metal investment falling so fast? What Affects Gold Prices? Investors usually buy gold to hedge their portfolios against catastrophes. For example, demand for gold increases during times of extreme market declines, [...]

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