A Young Professional’s Guide to Financial Planning

As a young professional myself, I know firsthand the struggles many young professionals have when dealing with their finances. When we graduate college and start making “real money” for the first time in our lives it’s hard for us to listen to our parents and colleagues saying “save, save, save.” We have student loans, rent, [...]

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We Just Joined the Yakezie Challenge

We just joined the Yakezie Challenge with the goal of reaching an Alexa rank of 200K within the next six months, but we'd definitely like to accomplish this goal by the end of 2013! You can help us accomplish this goal by continuing to read our posts and by following us on Twitter and Facebook. [...]

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Bike Share Programs: Better Than Owning a Bike?

Bike share, jckrakow, Flickr Creative Commons Wouldn't it be great to ride a bike this weekend? To take a leisurely ride along the river, or check out the local farmer’s market without the hassle of searching for a parking space?  But buying a bike could set you back a few hundred dollars, and [...]

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Buy Discounted Gift Cards…and Use for Yourself

Fast Cash Fridays is a weekly series aimed at providing you tips on how to make money fast (not necessarily easily). Please tune in every Friday for your newest making money fast tip. Gift Card Organizer by Christina W., youthfulhomemaker, Flickr Creative Commons Two things to know about gift cards: First, you can [...]

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Time For A Raise Campaign Video

Check out this "Time For A Raise" Campaign video narrated by Harvard graduate Peter Davis, the founder of OurCommonPlace.

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Make Money by Selling Your Unwanted Gift Cards with Cardpool

So, Nana gave you a $25 gift card to Burger King and you haven’t eaten there since high school.  Is it a total loss?  A re-gift? Send Your Gift Cards to Cardpool.com to Get Cash Back Source: flickr creative commons, by bfishadow Cardpool.com, which is owned by a  subsidiary of Safeway,Inc.,  buys unwanted [...]

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Save Your Money And Don’t Pay Shipping Costs

We all love shopping online, but hate the shipping costs.  Here are five ways to get around them: 1. Ship to the store for free Some online retailers with brick and mortar stores - such as Lowe’s or Sears--let you have your item shipped to one of its stores for free.  You then retrieve the [...]

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Save Your Money: Car Sharing Instead of Car Ownership

Photo by Elliott Brown, Hagley Road in Bearwood, Flickr The American Automobile Association (AAA) recently estimated the yearly cost of owning and operating a car to be $9,122 for those driving a mid-size sedan 15,000 miles a year (12,000-15,000 is considered average).  Surprised? Don’t forget that owning a car requires payments well beyond the [...]

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Brazilians Have Had Enough

Check out our guest post on Today's News Now! Follow the link below: http://todaysnewsnowwithshanteyjeffers.com/2013/07/06/brazilians-have-had-enough/

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