The Dangers of Not Paying Your Credit Card Bill On Time

Benjamin Feldman over at Lifehacker recently wrote a revealing post about the dangers of not paying your credit card bill on time. There are many reasons why paying your bill late is a problem, but the article highlights three main consequences after the first missed payment: You are charged a late fee You get a bad [...]

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Tips for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners in the Real Estate Sector

Starting your own real estate business can actually be an exciting idea. If you weave the threads properly and pick up the correct strategies, you could be successful. So how do you begin starting a small business? Read the following post to know more.   Are you tired of obeying your boss? So how about [...]

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Financial Advice for Life on a 4×6 Index Card

Source: Washington Post Despite the many financial blogs out there with endless pages of financial advice, Harold Pollack, recently featured in the Washington Post, managed to write down everything you need to know about personal finance on a 4x6 index card. Here are the key points Harold makes: Max [out] your 401 (k) [...]

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Mortgage Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big decision, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. To the uninitiated, the process can seem as complex as it is thrilling. Being prepared can alleviate some of the tension that may come from applying for a first-time mortgage. Tips for applying for a first time [...]

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What Should Your Net Worth Be?

A while back I wrote a post about how to determine whether you are wealthy. My post references the formula developed by Thomas Stanley in The Millionaire Mind. Recently, Financial Samurai wrote an article about how to determine whether you are saving enough based on your income. You can read the entire article over here, but I [...]

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How to Double Your Money in 7 Years

Do you know what interest rate you would need in order to double your money in 7 years? How about in 10 years? Use the rule of 72. Using the Rule of 72 Determining what rate of return you need in order to double your money in 7 years comes down to a simple rule. [...]

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Bonds: Understanding Duration

You may have run across someone speaking about the duration of their bonds, or you may have listened to your financial advisor talk about the current duration of your portfolio. What exactly did they mean? Duration, simply put, is the percentage change in price you would expect to see in a bond if there was [...]

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Time For A Raise Campaign Video

Check out this "Time For A Raise" Campaign video narrated by Harvard graduate Peter Davis, the founder of OurCommonPlace.

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Are You Financially Literate?

A recent survey, developed in consultation with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, seeks to measure the understanding of general financial concepts by the general population. The survey consists of 5 questions related to interest rates, mortgages, and stocks/diversification. Although fairly simple topics, the survey provides a lot of insight into just how financially illiterate [...]

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