Thanks Bill White! Can’t Wait to Dig Into Your New Book: America’s Fiscal Constitution

We reached out to Bill White, the former mayor of Houston and Deputy Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1995, for his new book America's Fiscal Constitution: Its Triumph and Collapse. He responded by sending us signed copies of his book. Thanks, Bill! We look forward to reading the book and [...]

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Assess the Risk Involved in Binary Trading

Binary options trading has been steadily gaining popularity in both US and foreign markets as investors flock to the self-declared easy to use trading platform in hopes of making a substantial profit in a relatively short amount of time. The all or nothing aspect draws people like bees to honey, providing a false sense of [...]

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Best Financial Market Websites for Analysts

Source: Here are some great websites analysts can use to pick up quick information on the economy. This also may be very useful for beginning investors who are trying to do research on the health of the economy. Economic Indicators Bloomberg Economic Calendar - This site is essential for the beginning investor. The calendar shows [...]

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How to Profit from the Signs of Preflation

How Low Is Inflation? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says inflation is low, with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hovering just below 2%.  But the MIT Billion Prices Project, which tracks the prices of many goods and services sold online, says inflation is over 8%. Others, like John Williams of Shadow Stats, who [...]

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Don’t Forget to Thank Kate Upton For Your Portfolio’s Great Year

Investors are rational bunch individuals with well thought out theories and statistics to gain an edge on the market, right? You Should Be Thanking Kate Upton Well, this year, those investors following the Sports Illustrated swimsuit indicator were the real winners. The indicator shows that US equity markets perform better in years that US-born models appear [...]

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Behind Healthcare Price Tags: The Escalating Cost of Training Our Doctors

Healthcare Costs Are Rising Healthcare costs continue to rise, along with a shortage of primary care doctors, and part of the problem is the escalating expense of producing doctors. Check out this sobering title of a story run by Bloomberg News: “Medical School at $278,000 Means Even Bernanke Son Has Debt.”  According to Bloomberg, the median cost of [...]

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Economic Sciences Nobel Laureates Fama, Hansen & Shiller

Raise taxes, bureaucracies are inefficient, and so are markets. I went to the House of Sweden (Swedish Embassy in Georgetown) today to attend an award ceremony for the Nobel Prize winners Eugene Fama, Lars Hansen, and Robert Shiller for their work in the empirical analysis of asset prices. I will give some quick background on [...]

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3 Ways to Financial Independence

Sprinting to the Finish One of the hardest ways to become financially independent is to sprint to the finish. There are a few ways to sprint: graduate college with a high salary job and save like crazy, get a large inheritance or other windfall, or make a large bet with a very large payout (lottery, [...]

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Passive Investing: Asset Allocation 101

What is Passive Investing? In the investing world, there are two main types of investing: active and passive. Active vs. Passive Investing Active investing involves making constant updates to your portfolio, trading stocks very frequently. There are many perils that investors of this nature face. Besides the daily fluctuations of the stock market, active traders [...]

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