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Cheryl A. Kenny is a regular contributor to MMFAS. She is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers, and is the creator of www.getmykidtomedschool.com, which offers firsthand information and advice for pre-med students and their parents.

Free and Discounted eBooks: How to Find Them

There are thousands of free or deeply discounted eBooks out there for the taking. But how do you find them?  One way is to subscribe to an eBook deal alert service that uncovers the bargains -- many of them available for just a short time --  and then shares that information with you through daily [...]

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Credit Karma Review: Take Control of Your Credit Score

Feel your financial situation is getting out of control? Credit Karma claims it can help you reign it in. The personal financial management company, founded in 2008, now has more than 15 million users. I recently became one of them. When I joined Credit Karma, I had a modest understanding of things financial. I knew what [...]

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Behind Healthcare Price Tags: The Escalating Cost of Training Our Doctors

Healthcare Costs Are Rising Healthcare costs continue to rise, along with a shortage of primary care doctors, and part of the problem is the escalating expense of producing doctors. Check out this sobering title of a story run by Bloomberg News: “Medical School at $278,000 Means Even Bernanke Son Has Debt.”  According to Bloomberg, the median cost of [...]

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NASDAQ is Back

After a nearly 3-hour shutdown, NASDAQ resumed operation at about 3:25 pm. There must be something about the dog days of summer. On August 20,  Goldman Sachs experienced technical issues, and on August 6, stock exchange operator BATS Global Markets suffered a nearly one-hour shutdown because of a computer problem.   Photo: Stock Exchange by Azureon2, Flickr [...]

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NASDAQ System Shuts Down

About 12:22 this afternoon, NASDAQ shut down due to a technical problem, reportedly an issue with its Securities Information Monitor.  At the request of NASDAQ, the NYSE has halted all trading in NASDAQ securities. The SEC is reported to be monitoring the situation closely.       Photo: Stock Exchnage by Azureon2, Flickr Creative Commons

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Stretch Your Budget with Bed Bath & Beyond Expired and Multiple Coupons

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond, by Fan of Retail, Flickr Creative Commons All those bedroom, bath and kitchenware items that are essential to setting up an apartment  or dorm room can add up to big bucks. But if you're shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBB), there's a way to avoid paying full [...]

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Extend Your Product Warranty for Free: Buy with a Credit Card

Most major credit cards come with perks that many of us don’t even know about.  One common extra is a free extended warranty period. That  means if you buy a flat screen TV with a warranty-benefit credit card, and the TV dies a month after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, you could still have  warranty coverage. [...]

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New Interest Rates on Student Loans: The Good and The Bad

Money by Philip Taylor, Flickr Creative Commons Last week, President Obama signed a new law making all federal student loan rates lower this year. Instead of 6.8%, they will be 3.8% for subsidized undergrad Stafford loans, and  5.4% for unsubsidized Stafford undergrad loans. Graduate student and parent PLUS loans will be 6.4%, instead [...]

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Free (almost) Books, DVDs, CDs with Internet Swaps

Photo: Book Collection, Ian Wilson, Flickr Creative Commons It’s time to cull through your bookshelves to make room for those new books, CDs, or DVDs that you've been wanting to add to your library.  But instead of whipping out your credit card, just click on your computer, because there’s an innovative new way [...]

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