About Bobby Kania

Bobby Kania graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Computer Science, and minors in Music and Math. During his summers as an undergraduate, Bobby interned with Bloomberg, L.P. and General Electric. He was also the Treasuries Sector Head in Bond And Securities Investing by Students (BASIS). He currently works as an analyst for a major bank.

Forecast for USD in 2014

As you consider your finances for 2014, you are probably concentrating on the market in your local area. However, we are living in the day of a global economy. If you live in the United States, you might not ever travel to Asia in your lifetime. However, the economic conditions in Asia undoubtedly have an [...]

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Bobby’s 2014 New Year’s Financial Resolutions

How I Met My Financial Goals in 2013 Well, I didn't. Or rather, I didn't have any concrete 2013 goals. I had some vague net worth and savings goals, but nothing set in stone. Here are some of the things I ended up doing. Maxed Out My 401k - At the beginning of 2013, I set [...]

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Weekly Roundup #3 – Happy New Year

Source: Huffington Post I hope everyone had great holidays, but now it's time to get back to business. Financial Market Updates First off, let's take a look at how stocks performed in 2013.  All three major indexes hit record levels: S&P 500: 29.60% Dow: 26.50% NASDAQ: 38% Impressive runs considering that the stock [...]

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Fast Cash Fridays: Return Unwanted Gifts for Cash or Store Credit

Source: Flickr Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? With the almost ubiquitous gifting of gift cards, this is a less common occurrence nowadays, but it still happens. In fact, several years ago, I received a few DVDs that I did not really want. They just sat on my shelf for several years [...]

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Weekly Roundup #2: Don’t make these 20-something money mistakes

Financial Market Updates Source: artmarketblog.com Markets Get a Boost from Jobs Report: Non-farm payrolls rose to 203K month-over-month and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.0%. Could the Fed be ready to begin tapering? Technicals Indicate Overvalued Market: Bollinger Bands and the Shiller PE Ratio are both pointing to an overvalued market. What should [...]

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Coin Review – Why I Won’t Be Buying a Coin Anytime Soon

Recently, Coin hit the pre-order market as a revolutionary new way to handle multiple credit cards. It's essentially an electronic credit card that can hold multiple credit card accounts on one card. Bloggers have been raving about this new device so that they can eat up the $5 referrals the affiliate link brings if they [...]

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Weekly Roundup #1 – Are we nearing a bubble?

Financial Market Updates Market is due for a correction in early 2014: With the S&P up 27% YTD and a series of important deadlines coming up, the market is sure to dip in the short-term. Do you think we're due? Volatility has picked up again: The VIX, or the volatility index, measures the implied volatility of S&P [...]

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Black Friday Online Shopping

Black Friday is right around the corner. Following a day of pigging out on turkey comes the biggest shopping day of the year. Are you ready? Here are some tips to ease the pain. Check the Reviews Before You Buy: What could possibly be worse than getting that gadget you've always wanted in the mail [...]

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Shorting Twitter IPO: We Were Right

A days after Twitter launched their IPO, I wrote a post supporting why you should short Twitter. Turns out, we were right. Twitter (TWTR) Has Declined 13% Since IPO As with most IPOs, Twitter had an initial boost, but has since dropped. Just today, Twitter dropped nearly 5%. It is following the trend of Facebook [...]

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