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Bobby Kania graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Computer Science, and minors in Music and Math. During his summers as an undergraduate, Bobby interned with Bloomberg, L.P. and General Electric. He was also the Treasuries Sector Head in Bond And Securities Investing by Students (BASIS). He currently works as an analyst for a major bank.

Pefin Review: Your Personal AI Financial Planner

As I am starting business school in the fall, I have been wondering for months whether my financial situation is in a solid position for taking on a bunch of debt. My gut response is "yes," but I wanted to back that up with real data...a mathematical/graphical overview of my financial situation.  A few months [...]

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How to Cut the Cable Cord and Watch Live TV for Free Online

When was the last time you watched all of the channels you are paying for with your cable bill? I can't remember a time I've even watched 10% of my available channels. Each month you get that cable bill and wonder why you are paying $50, $100, and on average $123 per month! The cable companies have [...]

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Best Gas Rewards Card: PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards – 5% Cash Back

I've had this credit card for well over a year now and it is by far the best rewards card for gas that I have in my wallet.  This card earns a whopping 5% cash back that is automatically applied to your account as statement credit; no need to buy gift cards or anything. In [...]

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Bernanke Takes One Last Sip from the Punch Bowl

The FOMC announced today that they would further reduce QE3 by $10 billion, reducing the Fed's monthly purchases to $65 billion, continuing to end the era of easy money. The stock market responded with an abrupt crash, ending the day down over 1%. Market sinks following FOMC announcement of further $10 billion cuts to [...]

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Weekly Roundup – Market Correction in Full-Swing

Financial Market Updates This week, the stock market began its inevitable sell-off that analysts (and us) have been calling for over the last several months. Jon (and futures) predicts that the stock market has further to slide. After all, a technical analysis view of the overall S&P ETF SPY shows that we are in a downward [...]

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Fast Cash Fridays: Get a Payday Loan – Fuel Your Inner Consumerist

Disclaimer: If you made it this far, you're probably wondering why I would give this advice, and you're absolutely right! We here at MMFAS strongly advise against payday loans, but you can get them at your own demise...anyways...on with the pitch. What is a Payday Loan? Payday loans are very short-term loans where the borrower is expected to [...]

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Should You Get No Annual Fee Credit Cards?

The short answer is, sometimes. All rewards cards are different. Some offer cash back or points (Chase Ultimate Rewards), some offer miles (Capital One Venture), and some even offer free nights at hotels. Often no annual fee credit cards offer fewer rewards  and are offered to lower credit score brackets. In order to determine if [...]

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Weekly Roundup #4 – Janet L. Yellen Confirmed as First Chairwoman

Financial Market Updates Source: mlive.com Although nobody was surprised by the news, Janet L. Yellen was confirmed as the first Fed chairwoman. She will be taking office on Feb. 1st, three days after the FOMC meeting ends. Guess we're stuck with Bernanke for one more session. Despite all of the recent talk about [...]

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Fast Cash Fridays: Churning Credit Card Bonuses

Fast Cash Fridays is a weekly series aimed at providing you tips on how to make money fast (not necessarily easily). Please tune in every Friday for your newest making money fast tip. How to Make Money Fast by Signing Up for Credit Cards In an attempt to lure you into their snares, many credit [...]

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