As a young professional myself, I know firsthand the struggles many young professionals have when dealing with their finances. When we graduate college and start making “real money” for the first time in our lives it’s hard for us to listen to our parents and colleagues saying “save, save, save.” We have student loans, rent, and cash in our pockets that tempts us to buy a new set of golf clubs or that Coach handbag we’ve been looking at all week.

That’s why I started Appalachian Capital Group, LLC after graduating from Virginia Tech. As an investment manager and financial planner I believe I can help you and other young professionals, like me, navigate through important financial decisions.

My personal philosophy on financial planning is not like many other planners. I will never tell you that you need to save every penny you earn, because it isn’t realistic and attempting to do this can actually be very stressful. My goal is to do the opposite. I want you to feel comfortable with your current lifestyle, while also helping you reach your long-term financial goals.

Bucket Approach

I believe young people can greatly benefit from using the bucket approach to financial planning, or setting aside different funds for different future uses. You could have an emergency fund for all of life’s curve balls such as your car breaking down or the dog getting sick, and so on. Another fund could be used to set aside a little money each month that you can use to occasionally splurge and buy something you really want: your golf clubs or handbag. Setting up these to funds will keep cash flow steady for your regular living expenses. Having these funds will give you security and make the financial planning process less stressful.

Beyond the first two funds, you can also benefit by setting aside a portion of your earnings for a down payment on a house, or a honeymoon, or else that you anticipate will be a large expense in the near future. Lastly, you will likely want to set up a tax deferred retirement fund which can be through your employer, if you are given that option, or through a personal retirement account.

You will be surprised how little it takes each month to implement this strategy successfully. We can set up as many of these small funds as you need and we will be sure to set up an investment plan that will allow you to reach your financial goal.

Appalachian Capital Group, LLC was founded with the purpose of helping young professionals and others live a less stressful financial lifestyle. Feel free to contact us for any help you may need in reaching your financial goals. For young professionals, I offer to set up a financial and investment plan with no minimum balances, everyone has to start somewhere! Aside from this I can also help guide you through and manage your company sponsored retirement plan.