Fast Cash Fridays is a weekly series aimed at providing you tips on how to make money fast (not necessarily easily). Please tune in every Friday for your newest making money fast tip.

How to Make Money Fast by Signing Up for Credit Cards

In an attempt to lure you into their snares, many credit card companies offer a sign-up bonus for getting a new rewards credit card. Depending on the type of card you sign up for the bonus may be in miles, cash back, points,  or some other form of compensation. Often these rewards can be cash equivalents of $100 or more. However, in order to earn the sign-up bonus, you usually must meet some minimum spend requirements.

Minimum Spend Requirements

Generally, rewards credit cards will not pay out the sign-up bonus until you meet some threshold of spendind on the card. The amount you must spend varies from a single transaction (Delta Skymiles card that I used to own) to $500 or $1500 over the course of a few months.  Sometimes reaching the minimum spend bonus can seem tough, especially if you use other cards for different rewards categories. In order to help you reach the limit, I have compiled a list of ways to reach the limit sooner.

10 Ways to Reach the Minimum Spend Limit for Credit Card Bonuses

  1. Use your card exclusively for shopping, whether in-store or online
  2. Use your card to buy gas
  3. Buy used gift cards to snag discounts on the cards and get almost cash equivalents to the money you spent
  4. Buy Visa gift cards to get cash equivalent cards (same thing goes with money orders)
  5. Transfer money to another account or a friend using PayPal (charges a fee) or Amazon Payments (free)
  6. Pay your bills with the card (utilities, cell phone, cable, rent, etc.)
  7. Transfer your gym membership payment method
  8. Charge your medical expenses (then get reimbursed through an Flexible Spending Account)
  9. Pay for your business travel (then get reimbursed through your company)
  10. Buy an item and then return it after you have received the spend bonus