Bed Bath & Beyond, by Fan of Retail, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond, by Fan of Retail, Flickr Creative Commons

All those bedroom, bath and kitchenware items that are essential to setting up an apartment  or dorm room can add up to big bucks. But if you’re shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBB), there’s a way to avoid paying full price. With one of the most flexible in-store coupon policies around, you can use multiple — and even expired–BBB coupons.

  •  BBB takes its expired store coupons. BBB store coupons – often 20% off one item, $10 off a $30 purchase, etc. — have expiration dates. However, many BBB stores will honor them even after they have expired. While there are online reports of individual stores refusing expired coupons, they are usually in areas with little competition. (Personally, I’ve used dozens of expired BBB coupons with no questions asked.) If your expired coupon is refused, ask to talk to the manager and explain that you thought it was their store policy to accept expired coupons. Bottom line: stockpile BBB store coupons for future use.
  •  BBB takes multiple store coupons.  Even where a coupon applies to only one item, if you have five items you can use five coupons. In fact, even if you have coupons with different types of discounts — say, a $5 off $15 and a 20% off one item — they will take them together.
  •  BBB will accept your store coupon after purchase. Need to buy a pillow today but you forgot your coupon? No problem there, either. Just keep your receipt and come back later with the coupon. They’ll give you a refund based on the coupon terms. (I did this with a rug purchased in upstate New York, and got the refund from a store in Virginia.)
  •  BBB sometimes honors competitors’ coupons. BBB will take competitors coupons for the same item, but there are  restrictions, including that the competitors’ coupon cannot be expired. It’s worth a try
  •  Availability of coupons. BBB store coupons show up in the mail or Sunday newspapers on a regular basis. If you aren’t getting them, sign up online  to be added to their mailing or email list. Also, sometimes  BBB store coupons are sold on eBay.


Note that these policies are for in-store coupons and purchases only. Online coupons for BBB are much harder to come by, although you usually receive one when you join the BBB email list.