So, Nana gave you a $25 gift card to Burger King and you haven’t eaten there since high school.  Is it a total loss?  A re-gift?

Send Your Gift Cards to to Get Cash Back

Source: flickr creative commons, by bfishadow

Source: flickr creative commons, by bfishadow, which is owned by a  subsidiary of Safeway,Inc.,  buys unwanted gift cards – as well as cards issued for store/merchandise credit –for cash.  True, you get less than the card’s initial value, but it’s still not bad. For example, a $25 Burger King card would net you a check for $19.75.

All You Have to Do Is Send the Gift Card to Cardpool

The process is simple: you mail them the card with a free shipping label they provide, and within one business day after they receive and verify that your card is good, they mail you a check. Want it faster? Cardpool will accept some cards online, eliminating the “mail-to-them” shipping time.   For example, a $25 Sports Authority card will net you a $18.75 check through the regular mail-in process, but if you eliminate the extra mailing time by submitting your card online, they will mail you either an Amazon gift card for $18.38 or a check for $17.50.

Cardpool is only one of many sites that buy gift cards. Search “buy gift cards” or click on this story from  U.S. News and World Report  for information on other card-buying sites.

Flip Side:  The sites that buy gift cards also sell gift cards at a discount. For more on buying gift cards at discount, click here for our  Save Your Money: Buy Gift Cards at Discount